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Sagar Trust : Free Oculoplastic Surgeries for the poor - Combating Reversible Blindness
Your contributions can help the visually impaired lead a life of dignity

Founders of Sagar Trust -

1. Dr (Capt) Anjali Mehta, MBBS, DO, DNB
Specialist in Cataract
and Oculoplastic Surgery
with over 23 years experience in the medical profession and 20 years in ophthalmology.

2. Mr. Kapil Mehta, MBA (IIM Ahmedabad), Mechanical Engineer (IIT, Delhi)
Managing Director of SecureNow Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd.

Message from the Founders, Sagar Trust -


The Sagar Trust came into being in 2009. As young doctors, most of us were given a freer hand when treating poorer patients as compared to wealthier private patients. Most of these poor people were very gracious - they thanked and blessed us profusely for any good outcomes and took the blame on themselves and their destiny when outcomes were less than successful. As we became more skilled we were increasingly allowed to handle the richer patients and our success was judged by the economic standing of the group that we were assigned to deal with. This did not seem fair; the poor who had aided our early learning, deserved our skills the most. I was determined that a considerable part of my experience  should be shared with those whom I will always remain indebted to for my skills - those poor patients. My husband, Kapil and I formed the trust so that over the years many poor people benefit from the expertise of skilled ophthalmologists and optometrists.

This trust is quite different in that its main thrust is in the specialised area of oculoplasty which deals with the ocular adnexa (the area around the eyes). This field includes all disesases of the lids, bony socket, soft tissues around eyes, lacrimal system, thyroid eye disease and also cosmetic surgery. Most current charitable infrastructure is geared to cataract surgery. Oculoplastic surgeons are relatively few in number and these surgeries typically take far longer to perform than cataract surgery. For these reasons the underpriviledged do not have easy access to free/subsidised oculoplastic procedures. The trust attempts to provide this.

One of our main concerns is that most of the donations should actually reach the intended beneficiary. We intend to spend as little as possible on overheads by using our existing infrastructure and keep overhead costs to a minimum.

The board currently has eight trustees of high standing and repute who are experts in their respective fields. We expect the collective energy and ideas to produce excellent results. We hope that over the years Sagar trust becomes a well-respected name, synonymous with quality work and a high standard of ethics and transparency.

Mr. Kapil Mehta & Dr. Capt Anjali Mehta

Sagar Trust (Regd), Exempted from Tax u/s 80 G, (5) (iv) of I.T. act, 1961 Vide Director of Income Tax
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